Are you an exact replica of me?

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Have you ever thought to youself that maybe somebody in this world was an exact replica of you? If you said yes then take this quiz to see if you're an exact replica of me.

Ignore this second paragraph thingy since you are truly truly truly wasting you're time reading this. Hate is a strong word but I really really really don't like you...wait why are you still here GO!!!

Created by: GreenDayFreak

  1. Do you love unusal and strange things?
  2. Do you still like to watch tv shows from when you were a kid? (examples:Little Bear, Blues Clues, Rugrats)
  3. Do you love Gir?
  4. Do you love the same bands I do? (examples: Avenged Sevenfold, The Cure, Green Day, Paramore, I Hate Myself,The Black Dahlia Murder)
  5. Do you love playing Wii and PS3?
  6. Do you like some techno and electronica music?
  7. Are you stereotyped as an emo and a loner at school?
  8. Do you like wearing dark clothes?
  9. Okay, this question will be random since I'm bored again and will not effect your score. Do you love music from the late 90's into 2000?
  10. Do you like to pop bubble wrap?
  11. That's it for now! Rate and/or comment this and tell me what you got!

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Quiz topic: Am I an exact replica of me?