Are you an animus, hybrid, or both?

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Hello! This test will determine if you are an animus, hybrid, or both! Or, of course, a normal dragon. I honestly just created this quiz because I have nothing else better to do in life.

But thank you so much for completing and good luck creating a character for what you got for your result. I am currently doing the same and if you have any name suggestions for my hybrid animus IceWing-NightWing female, I would completely appreciate it! Have a nice day!

Created by: I have no clue lol

  1. Would you rather be an animus, hybrid, or both?
  2. If you chose animus, what would you do with your power?
  3. If you chose hybrid, which hybrid would you choose?
  4. If you had animus powers, would you use them until your soul is gone?
  5. Now, if you were Darkstalker, would you make the same mistakes as he did?
  6. Now, how many characters do you have that are an animus, hybrid, or just have special powers like a NightWings’?
  7. If Darkstalker offered to change you from an animus to a hybrid, would you take the offer?
  8. What arc are you on? (I’m currently on arc 2)
  9. Would you choose to live like the Dragonets, a Winglet, or normal dragon?
  10. Now, pure breed or hybrid? (No choosing animus!)
  11. If you were a pure breed, what would you be?

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Quiz topic: Am I an animus, hybrid, or both?