what type of dragon are you?

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so this is a quiz that lets you find your inner dragon! i hope this helps you! (btw, if your a virgo, you are also an animus!) if you dont find your inner hybrid, and end out dying alone or just a normal dragon, well.... at least you get to choose when you're normal!

well, good luck, dragons! my next quiz will help you decide what to do now you know! this is all i can tell you, but make sure to read my poll! this is for any inconveniences! i will remind you on question one!!!!!!!!!

Created by: soulhunter

  1. if you could choose, would you be a dark or light character? pick the one that suits your view. (side note: if i didnt give you a good answer to choose, i have a poll coming up so......) so make your pick!
  2. would you rather a big or small meal? (if you are aiming for part mudwing, you need to eat alot, where as nightwings only eat a little food) take you pick, kids! your world awaits!
  3. do you feel that you would, as a dragon, be a free spirit or chained to tradition? even bound, you get a choice.
  4. what habitat would you spend the most time in? (this will have a great affect on your oc)
  5. do you need a home or are you fine without one?;-;
  6. do you think that dragons shouldnt need kingdoms?
  7. are you loyal to your queen or are you a traitor?
  8. do you like what type of chocolate? everyone likes chocolate! soo..... take your pick, my good, reptilian friend!
  9. do you realize you will die alone? mwa hahahaha!!!!! die, sucka, die!
  10. if you could choose one of the nightwing-seawing hybrid names below, which would you choose? (each one gives you a bigger chance of dying alone so choose wisely!)

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Quiz topic: What type of dragon am I?