Are You an Angel or a Demon

are you looking for a fun game to play with your freinds if so than do this and after this pretend you are your result in real life battle it out use your imagination and be cool make up a name and stuff

so take this quiz find out what u are be cool have fun and play with freinds because stuff is bout' to get real spicey and cool at the same time yo brompees that was weird sorry about that but just enjoy this awsomenes

Created by: Milo

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  1. would you rather
  2. Fill in the blank today i ------- bike
  3. Would you rather ...
  4. if you had to choose would you
  5. choose
  6. have you ever sinned
  7. have you ever sinned
  8. have you ever hurt someone
  9. are you alive
  10. do u love this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I an Angel or a Demon