are you an alien or not

there are many humans, but few true aliens aliens are after all quite exceptional. what is a human? a human is someone who is a person, who cares for people everyday well, that's what the good people do!

are YOU an alien? take this quiz to find out im sure you wont be but lets see shall we I hope you like this quiz and enjoy taking it with your friends!

Created by: poonotjobbyyes

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  1. if you went to space would you want to go to the moon or look at the stars?
  2. would you rather stay at home or meet an alien?
  3. do you like humans or aliens more?
  4. do you like aliens
  5. do you like humans?
  6. what are your favourite?
  7. where do aliens live?
  8. where do humans live?
  9. do you believe in aliens?
  10. do you believe in humans?

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Quiz topic: Am I an alien or not