Are you an absolute plonker?

If you are smart, you will receive a low percentage score, if your a plonker, you will receive a high percentage score. So are you an official plonker or not?

Are you an official Plonker? Or are you a smarty pants brain box? Ther is only one way to find out! Take this quiz which includes random questions! Are you a plonker?

Created by: Sammy K
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  1. Which Month comes after August?
  2. In the 'I Can Sing A Rainbow' Song, which colour comes after Red
  3. In a School Test, what would you do out of these:
  4. What is the seventeenth letter of the alphabet
  5. 45+563
  6. Who is the Prime Minister in December 2010 of England
  7. What is Roald Dahls latest job?
  8. Who presents CBBC With Iain Stirling
  9. Who has recently rejoined Take That
  10. Who invented Star Wars?

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Quiz topic: Am I an absolute plonker?