Are you Afraid of love?

There are many humans who is afraid of love, i don't know the reason either but that's just how it goes? Don't worry if your afraid of love! Your still gonna find your true love!

Are you afraid of love? Haha! Don't worry! I made this quiz just in time! I really am grateful for you taking it! Thanks a lot guys! Hart hart! :))))))

Created by: Mystar

  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you love to eat?
  3. You like wishing on stars?
  4. Are you sweet?
  5. Have you been in love?
  6. You love babies?
  7. Do you really think your afraid of love?
  8. Are you afraid of heights?
  9. Why do you think love is so powerful?
  10. Do you easily get Shy?

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Quiz topic: Am I Afraid of love?