Are you Admired, Loved, Liked, Ignored or Hated?

Have you ever wondered if you were admired, loved, liked, ignored or hated? Well not anymore, just take this quiz and find out your result! Please comment and rate!

Admired: Someone who looks up to another, like a role model. Loved: A strong feeling of compassion for another. Someone who cares, passionate and nice to others they love, such as family or friends. Liked: Sort of like love, but a different meaning. It is when someone wants to be around you, as a friend. Ignored: To be avoided by certain people, mostly enemies or someone that hates you. Like you don't matter, like you don't exist. Hated: A strong feeling of dislike. Someone who recoils even at a little glance of your face.

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. Are you?
  2. What do people see you as?
  3. What do you think of yourself?
  4. How loved are you?
  5. How ignored are you?
  6. How hated are you?
  7. How do other people treat you?
  8. What's your personality?
  9. What's your favorite color? (Out of these.)
  10. You are:
  11. Are you gonna rate and comment on this quiz? P.S: This doesn't determine how people really feel about you, so it doesn't matter about the results.

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Quiz topic: Am I Admired, Loved, Liked, Ignored or Hated?