Are you a cat or a dog

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I wanted you to know if you’re a cat or a dog and if you are you most hated anamal or you’re most loved animal I have a most loved anamal I don’t compete over a cat and dog like others do

Plus check out Dennis and will it slime and subscribe to ther Chanel they do realy fun stuf there funny and do lots of different things again thannnnkk you for playing please leave a comment to me them saying Emma watches you vid and is asking if you could play my game

Created by: Emma

  1. Wich one do you like better
  2. Can you read my mind of wich one I like better
  3. Wich one do I like least
  4. Meow of woof
  5. Wich cat black and orange grim white zero gray runty there on the photo I took
  6. Meow meow or meow
  7. Jurassic world and Harry Potter or ductales and gravity falls
  8. Uumm
  9. Wich one is nicer throughing water or oil on a fire
  10. Thank you for playing my game person
  11. Wich is politest for telling them a word for giving or helping them

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Quiz topic: Am I a cat or a dog