So you think you know about Ikea?

In the world there are many big businesses.Some are loved and some are hated.In this quiz we ask you questions about a much loved furniture store.

What do you know about the early beginnings of Ikea.What do know about the dates of when flatpacks and catalogs came into being.Just take this 10 question quiz and you will see if you are an Ikea geek.

Created by: Vivi

  1. When was Ikea founded?
  2. What does Ikea mean?
  3. How old was the founder when ikea started?
  4. Who founded Ikea?
  5. What di Ikea originally sell?
  6. When was the first Ikea advertisement?
  7. When did Ikea start selling furniture?
  8. When was the first Ikea catalog published?
  9. When did the first showroom open?
  10. When did Ikea start using flatpacks?
  11. When did the 100th co-worker join Ikea?

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