Are you addicted to Call of Duty

You could be a call of duty addict but you will find out in this test. You could or could not be addicted but this quiz can give you an idea whether you need help or not.

If you believe you to call of duty then take this test. but in a couple of minutes you'll find out. the test will give you suggestions to help your addition and may even stop you from committing suicide.

Created by: John Spratt
  1. How much do you play call of duty?
  2. How much do you like call of duty?
  3. Have you bought any DLC's?
  4. Are you excited for the next call of duty?
  5. Have you bought any skins related to call of duty?
  6. Have you ever pre ordered any call of duty's.
  7. How many custom classes do you have for call of duty.
  8. Have you installed a mod for call of duty. (PC only)
  9. Do you get excited over just winning a game.
  10. Do you get frustrated while playing call of duty.
  11. Do you have call of duty posters on your wall.
  12. Do you watch call of duty videos on youtube.
  13. Your reaction to the next call of duty DLC for the latest call of duty game.
  14. What do you do if the power goes out while playing a call of duty game and the power goes out
  15. If somebody stole all of your call of duty games what will you do.
  16. What is you favorite gaming franchise.
  17. Why are you playing call of duty?
  18. What would you give up for call of duty.
  19. How much do you talk about call of duty.
  20. Do you talk about call of duty on your free time.
  21. Do you run a YouTube channel dedicated to only call of duty.
  22. Do you have a tumblr, Facebook, twitter, etc. dedicated to call of duty.
  23. Are you subscribed to a YouTube channel dedicated to call of duty.
  24. Does you job or school performance suffer because of call of duty
  25. Do you think you are addicted to call of duty.
  26. Did you like this test. (wont affect test.)

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to Call of Duty