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Call of duty zombies. A part of treyarch's games since call of duty world at war. This is a basic quiz for those who wanna test their smarts. An intermediate test will be coming soon. Enjoy:)

Are you the king of zombies or a noob or are you average find out in the basic cod zombie quiz. Do you have what it takes to keep your juggernog and get to high rounds I hope so.

Created by: DrRichtofen

  1. What did Dr.Richtofen do before he was a zombie slayer?
  2. Who is Tank Dempsey
  3. What is the wonder weapon in cod bo2 zombie map Mob Of The Dead?
  4. What is the name of the company that made Call of duty world at war, call of duty black ops, and call of duty black ops 2?
  5. What caused the zombie outbreak?
  6. What is the first COD zombie map?
  7. Who controls the zombies?
  8. Which COD zombies map introduced the Pack A Punch machine. A device which upgrades your weapon for 5000 points?
  9. What does the pentagon thief from the map "Five" from COD black ops 1 do?
  10. Who sings the song 115 in the map Kino Der Toten in COD black ops 1?

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