Are you Aaliyah or Beyonce?

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There are many people out there who wonder... Are they Queen Bey or Princess Aaliyah? Beyoncé is very overrated because she is so beautiful and talented, Aaliyah is underrated and she is talented and beautiful just like Beyonce :'( if there's one thing these two women have in common it's that they both slay them h***

Are you Aaliyah or Beyoncé? Take this quiz to find out and you will see if you are Sexy Queen Bey or Sweet Princess Aaliyah? I don't know anybody who dislikes these wonderful women... do you?

Created by: Babymj5
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  1. Best group from the 90's?
  2. Which song isn't from the "Lemonade" Album?
  3. Which song isn't by Aaliyah?
  4. Aaliyah helped Destiny's Child for one of their music videos. Which one was it?
  5. People say that Beyoncé and Jay Z killed Aaliyah do you think it's true?
  6. Who is more beautiful to you?
  7. Aaliyah said that she is huge fan of a very famous rapper. Who was it?
  8. Who didn't make a collab with Beyoncé?
  9. "Baby I love you You are my life My happiest moments weren't complete If you weren't by my side You're my relation In connection to the sun With you next to me There's no darkness I can't overcome You are my raindrops I am a seed With you and God, who's my sunlight I bloom and grow so beautifully Baby, I'm so proud So proud to be your girl You make the confusion Go all away From this cold and mixed up world" Which song is this by Beyoncé?
  10. "Incarceration what I'm facin' when I'm with you your watchin' my every move tryin' to pick up on some clues we play twenty questions everytime I walk in or out the door what do you bother for (what do you bother for) get comfortable its yours" Which song is this by Aaliyah?
  11. Who is more classy? Queen Bey or Princess Aaliyah?

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Quiz topic: Am I Aaliyah or Beyonce?