Are you a zombie?

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If you one day woke to be desiring sweet things, like red cupcake, would you be happy? If not, and you do wake up that way; too bad. You'd be a depressed zombie.

Are you willing to take the first bite as a dead walker? Hope so. If you got bitten one day without noticing and you didn't tell no one, I'd be disappointed. So will you unless you dream of that day of turning.

Created by: AllHailLelouch
  1. First of all, what do you do for a living?
  2. You like fur?
  3. Do you like to lol on the carnival rides?
  4. Are you hungrier than usual?
  5. Cool or hot?
  6. Cookies or brownies?
  7. Copy this: dégagé
  8. Lick the wall. What did it taste like?
  9. Run 40 yards. Return. Your achievement?
  10. If you were to see a lion, would you play with it or run away?

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Quiz topic: Am I a zombie?