Are you a wolf or vampire?

Are YOu a wolf? are YOU a vampire? Would you like to find out? good then step into this quiz and we'[ll see what fits youm the best and what the skills u have to be a wolf or vampire.

Are you a wolf? are you a vampire? Do u have the skills for it?Until now you could just wonder.but thanks to this great quiz in ust a few minutes you will find out your fate!

Created by: asia

  1. Do u like blood?
  2. How much do u eat a day?
  3. Would you kill a vampire?
  4. Do you like dark or light
  5. Would you be wolf or vampire?
  6. Is this a question?
  7. Do u watch twilight?
  8. Can you survive the heat?
  9. Would you hunt at day or night?
  10. Is that last question? (this does not count)

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Quiz topic: Am I a wolf or vampire?