are you a were wolf or vampire

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my quiz is about being a vampire were wolf or human personly i am a were wolf and i have some vampires and human friends there might be one bad word but thats just hell

are YOU a were wolf vampire or human take this quiz and find out there might be one bad word but thats just hell enjoy my GREAT faimly fun quiz and for twilight fan girls and boys :)

Created by: dehlia

  1. do you have one or too birthmarks?
  2. do you sparkle in the sun light?
  3. do you have long nails?
  4. what season do you like winter fall spring summer?
  5. do you like waring bright colors?
  6. do you like meat?
  7. do you like drinking blood?
  8. do you stare at the full moon a lot?
  9. what is your fave animal?
  10. do you hiss or growl or can you climb trees :P

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Quiz topic: Am I a were wolf or vampire