Are You A Wizard Or A Demigod

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Are you a demigod? Or are you a Wizard? Are you destinied for Camp Half-Blood? Or are you destinied for Hogwarts? Are you destinied for the Underworld? Or will You be a ghost?

In this quiz, you'll see what type of powerful being you are. Are you a demigod or wizard? I guess in this quiz you'll find out!!! Oh and rate and /or comment!!!

Created by: BookNerd

  1. How many parents do you know?
  2. When you get mad, you...
  3. Do you believe in Myths?
  4. Do you like Owls, Cats, Toads, Or Rats???
  5. .
  6. ..
  7. C@T
  8. Yawn
  9. dn cmx mvkndkvnkcn,msdc,dfnvkfdnc,
  10. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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Quiz topic: Am I A Wizard Or A Demigod