Are you a whopper quiz?

This is a quiz that will tell if you are a whopper or not. If you aren’t a whopper then what are you? With random questions you will find out what are you, whopper or not!

Have you ever wanted to be a grimace shake? Well you can find out if you are one! If not then maybe you are a Big Mac! If you are a grimace shake than my head will explode!🤯

Created by: Logo
  1. What is the best fast food restaurant?
  2. Lettuce tomatoes pickles and…
  3. Do you like the grimace shake?
  4. Do you like meat?
  5. Do you like bun?
  6. Best McDonald’s character?
  7. Choclate or vanilla frosty?
  8. Jr, double, or triple whopper?
  9. Is the grimace shake good?
  10. Captain crook is a rip off of…
  11. Grimace…
  12. Wakes wakes eggs and bakey.

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Quiz topic: Am I a whopper quiz?