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  • My boyfriend made me take this. I got the slave forever result and received a 24 hour LAYERED hanging wedgie. He's making me type this as he spanks me bare-bottom and I count the spanks aloud. Later he says that he will give me a swirly and put me in a shoulder wedgie. It feels amazing! thanks for the quiz

  • My friends after this put me in a diaper for a hole term and now the give me a swirlie with s--- in the toilets and they make me lick the freaks he poo in their bum

  • My boyfriend literally took my thong and hanged me on my door. He said he would come back for me in 10 minutes and he forgot and I stayed like that for 4 hours until he realized I never got down from there. Then I made him take me out to Victoria's Secret to make him buy me a new thong.

    • This happened right after the quiz by the way!

  • My bully made me take this and I got 99% (wedgie slave forever)

    Now I am sitting in a messy wedgie

    She even makes me wear a diaper and mess in it

  • hey for the girls taking this quiz and you are under 18 and you need a wedgie master follow me on instagram my insta is corfield167 no caps no spaces im a guy btw

  • During this my boyfriend ripped off my thong

    Katie Bennett
  • I wanna be someones wedgie slave


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