Are you a unicorn?

See if your a unicorn! Always Be your self unless you can be a unicorn its great trust me and if you are one dont hide from me i like unicorns kuz unicorns ROCK

See if YOUR a unicorn if you are you can totally brag about it to your friends plus you can folow me on insta @cmmlovethem Kuz i am awesome like a unicorn

Created by: Unicors rock

  1. What weather do you prefer
  2. What hair colour do you like best
  3. What do u prefer
  4. What is your fave animal
  5. What shade do u like best
  6. What music do u prefer
  7. Friends describe you as
  8. Were would you rather be
  9. What describes u best
  10. How happy are you on an every day basis

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Quiz topic: Am I a unicorn?