are you a true wolf

this test proves if you are a true wolf or not. You should take this test if you truley want to know if you are a wolf . Take it from a true wolf. Have fun taking this test.

Are you a wolf. Find out by taking this quiz. You are a true wolf. Are you a wolf or not find out by taking this test. This test will prove if you are not sure

Created by: Molly
  1. what do you do when another wolf attacks one of the alphas?
  2. were do you sleep in the den?
  3. what wolf ranking do you want to be
  4. do you love dogs
  5. do you like playing outside
  6. what do you do to a wolf who killed one of the alphas
  7. what do you do when you have a choice to be the alpha
  8. what color wolf are you
  9. what do you do when a wolf hurts your mate
  10. what do you do when you do when a wolf threatens you

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Quiz topic: Am I a true wolf