Are You a True Vampire?

Vampires travel the world undercover. Nobody knows who they truly are or much power they posses. They don't have weekly visits to the nearby grocery store. They are hunters.

Are you a true creature of the night? Find out! All you have to do is click a few buttons AND USE YOUR ULTIMATE BRAIN POWER!!! Kidding! It shouldn't be too hard

Created by: Wonderland Alice
  1. Lets start of with the classics; What is your relationship with the sun?
  2. Would you drink human blood?
  3. What would you sleep in?
  4. Vampire Pop Quiz!: The first vampire book was by...
  5. Choose your weapon!
  6. "Eat garlic you nasty creature!"
  7. True or False: Stakes through the heart is the best way to kill a vampire.
  8. True or False: It is a myth that if a vampire dies in running water he/she won't make it to Paradise.
  9. Vampire Math!: if you were a vampire your whole life and you were alive for 180 years, by how many years did you age?
  10. Now lets see your result!

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Vampire?