Are You A True UT Fan?

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Many people on the earth are undertale fans. However, not everybody knows the secrets...! Take this test to see if you know a few secrets of our beloved UNDERTALE.

Will YOU get the amazing title of a True UNDERTALE Fan? Probably, these questions are not so hard! But they can prove if you know yourself some secrets! Can you prove yourself to be a True Undertale Fan?

Created by: Determination101
  1. When do you meet So Sorry?
  2. Sans might tell you, 'You really are a freak, huh?' Why would he do this?
  3. How do you encounter Mystery Man, also known as Gaster?
  4. Alright, time for a break! Let's have the easy questions, okay? Harder questions will be back soon! Let's start with NAME THAT CHARACTER!
  5. A fluffy goat creature will approach you after hitting a certain flower who will not be named. What are the names of this flower and goat?
  6. Two certain loved skeletons will appear, one who gives you a whoopie cushion and one who is a FLUFFY CINNAMON ROLL. What are there names?
  7. That's it for NAME THAT CHARACTER! Ready to go back to the hard questions? Hahaha! I already know you are!
  8. What happens when you do genocide twice?
  9. Who started the Flowey Fan Club?
  10. Last question, children. Why is Chara disgusted with you when you do Genocide twice? (A certain theory may help you.)

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Quiz topic: Am I A True UT Fan?