Are You A True Tomboy?

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Lots of girls claim to be tomboys. And most who make that claim are... but how much tomboy is actually in them? They could be two percent tomboy and the remaining girly. So discover here how much of you is tomboy!

The truth- the results- your personality is totally UP TO YOU. And I am here to help you determine what is your type, and what characteristic to pursue!!! ;)

Created by: Ardeo999

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you rather...
  2. What would you rather wear?
  3. Would you rather...
  4. What is your favourite colour?
  5. What are you scared of?
  6. How active are you?
  7. How much are you into sports?
  8. What defines your taste for good things?
  9. Do you want to see your results?
  10. Have you ever heard the song Ooh Aah by grits?
  11. You get a better tomboy result if you pick the best answer below!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Tomboy?