Are you a TRUE TFIOS fan?`

This quiz asks you questions about tfios, aka the fault in our stars. this is pretty simple but I though it was really fun to make and u should definently take this quiz.

This quiz also teaches u a little bit about the movie if u wanna test ur knowledge and prove that u love tfios then take this quiz!Good luck and I know you'll do great!

Created by: Caroline

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  1. What is Hazel's full name?
  2. Where does Hazel meet Augustus Waters?
  3. Where do Hazel and Gus go together? Hint ( Gus spent his dying wish to go here )
  4. What book does Hazel keep on reading over and over again?
  5. Who wrote the book " The fault in our Stars"?
  6. Who was the author of " An Imperial Affliction"?
  7. Where did Hazel and Gus have their first kiss?
  8. What sport was Gus really good at?
  9. What age did Hazel find out that she had cancer?
  10. What is TFIOS rated in movie theaters ( random question )
  11. Did u like my quiz?
  12. Who was Hazel and Gus's friend who was blind?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE TFIOS fan?`