Are you a true techie?

A techie is a theatre person who runs set changes, builds sets, designs sets, runs lights sound and spot, and keeps actors from endangerin themselves(thats a joke)but most important techies are the ones who run the shows

I am a bonified techie and take great pleasure in being such! techies are some of the awesomest people ever and we are a big family forever and always not matter what the teachers says to bring down the family

Created by: Clyde

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  1. do you enjoy painting with your hands/feet?
  2. can you build almost anything with almost everything?
  3. do you beast a set change?
  4. do you and your techie friends have strange nicknames such as beef, tater, fido, and clyde?
  5. do people find you strange because you're a little off?
  6. can u program a light board n break it all in one(tater)?
  7. when you're in the middle of a set change do get a thrill?
  8. what about the spot?
  9. have you grown attached to a prop youve built from a show i.e tree or piano
  10. do u spend more time in the theatre than any normal person should?
  11. what is a dutchman?
  12. do u even know what a techie is?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true techie?