are you a true shadow the hedgehog fangirl

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hello im "violet the hedgehog" as you may know of my quiz "your date with shadow the hedgehog" shadow the hedgehog will be the one to ask you some questions about how much you know hem

shadow you wanna say something. shadow:yes i do. hello humans i will be asking you 13 questions about me as you may know my quill color is black and red if you dont then leave the's quiz now if you know how i am then stay cuz i dont want anyone waisting my time so just start the quiz.

Created by: violet679
  1. shadow:okay lets start off with an simple one, who created me?
  2. shadow:ok what is my motorcycle's name?
  3. shadow:who is my rival?
  4. shadow:who do i care most about?
  5. shadow:what is my team name
  6. shadow:how old am i?
  7. shadow:am i immortal?
  8. shadow:how did maria die?
  9. shadow:what color is my jet boots
  10. shadow:what is the three powers i can use?
  11. shadow:true or false im a vampire
  12. shadow:witch of the's sonic games did i first appear in?
  13. shadow:do you think im sexy?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true shadow the hedgehog fangirl