Are you a TRUE Scorpio ?

Are you a true Scorpio ? A lot of people claim to be a Scorpio but they are not. Do you have characteristics ??? Or are you a Scorpio but dont know it ?????? Take this quiz and find out !(:

This quiz is just to see f you are a Scorpio or if you have any characteristics of a Scorpio , Answer some simple questions and you will find out ! GOODLUCK ! yay!

Created by: Maria

  1. You see your boyfriend/girlfriend talking to a girl/guy, what do you do ?
  2. How is sex for you ?
  3. Pick an element:
  4. Choose an animal
  5. What best describes you ?
  6. Around when is your birthday?
  7. Someone hurts you, you....
  8. What do people compliment you more on ?
  9. When someone doesn't agree with you, you..
  10. What career do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Scorpio ?