are you a true marylin manson fan?

Many people say they know manson but few actualy do know him.. if you think you realy know him i dare you to tak this quiz.. see how well you realy know

ok so you are up fot it alright her we go take your time and don't cheat if you were a true fan you wouldn't have to... some questions will trick you and i have no patterns to this quiz so din't even be ocd like that.

Created by: alexis

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  1. what is marilyn mansons real name?
  2. When was he born?
  3. were was he born?
  4. what religion was his mother and fauther
  5. What was his bands name?
  6. Whats his kids first name?
  7. who is the girl in his music video heart shaped sunglasses
  8. how long did manson stay maried to Rose McGowan
  9. what date did the wedding picture apear in vogo?
  10. what was mansons debut albume named and year produced

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Quiz topic: Am I a true marylin manson fan?