are you a true harry potter fan

There are many FAN of harry potter some say they know every thing thier is to know are you like that do people say that you might have an obsession with it like me

are you the biggest fan of harry potter are you sure do you really kno eveything thier is to kno about the books well take this quiz to find out !!!!

Created by: anna

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  1. what is harrys owls name and who gave it to him for his birthday?
  2. what year was the first harry potter book released ?
  3. what group did hermione start that helped house elves
  4. how did dumbledore die?
  5. what are all the horcruxes of voldermorts soul
  6. who is lily and james
  7. what is a dementors kiss
  8. who is harrys cousin
  9. who is harrys house elf
  10. how did harry inherit his house elf

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Quiz topic: Am I a true harry potter fan