Are you a true Foxy fan? (Fnaf)

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This is a quiz that will question your knowledge on Foxy, and see if you are a true fan of Foxy!! I hope you like this quiz and please leave a nice review!

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Created by: FoxysPlush

  1. What year was the first Foxy made in?
  2. How do you stop Foxy from getting to you in fnaf 4?
  3. Who would you ship Foxy with if you were me?
  4. How old is Foxy? (Person dead inside him)
  5. Foxy: “Yar, why are ya’ll talkin’ ‘bout me?” Me: “I’m sorry, would you like to ask something?”Foxy: “Yar, sure.... Hey ya’ll.... how’d you like me bird?”
  6. This quiz is almost over, just a few questions left.....What time is Foxy active in fnaf 1?
  7. How many Foxy’s are there?
  8. Ok, last one...... what do you think of this test, foxy?
  9. Haha, ok not last one, What is the best foxy song? (If you were me)
  10. Ok, NOW it’s the last one..... What did you think?
  11. What is foxy’s personallity?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Foxy fan? (Fnaf)