Are you a true fan of MaximumRide?!?

Some people don't like to read and some other people are like cows stuck in a fifty acre meadow of green grass. They eat as much as they can get their hands on.

Now do you love the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson? Are you a true fan? Well test your wits on the series and see how much you truly know! Go Maximum Ride!!!:)

Created by: Caitlyyn
  1. What is the first couple sentences of the first book? ( not including prologue)
  2. Besides talking, what else can Total do?
  3. What is the last line in the entire series?
  4. Why does Max get shot in the shoulder?
  5. Where does Fang first kiss Max?
  6. When does Max discover she can breath underwater?
  7. What does Fang get Max for her birthday?
  8. When does Max confess that she loves Fang?
  9. In the series how many guys does Max kiss?And who?
  10. Who is The Red-Haired Wonder?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true fan of MaximumRide?!?