Are you a true emo?

So, this quiz is to tell if you're an emo kid or not. If ya haven't guessed, I am. And I HATE this dang thing where you have to have the you know what numba so... Yay. Made it.

This is a lame paragraph to take up the characters... Oh by the way if you're an emo kid and a cutter, like me, please don't cut too much I'm emo but don't want any dumb deaths on my conscience ok?

Created by: Emo Kid
  1. Do you cut?
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. Do you hide your cutting?
  4. Have you ever bled too much from cutting?
  5. Do your friends think you have an emo problem? (Cutting, suicide, depression, etc...)
  6. What percent of the day do you think morbid thoughts?
  7. Do you wear black makeup?
  8. Do you laugh a lot?
  9. Do you wear jewelry?
  10. This quiz is over!!!! Aaaaah!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a true emo?