are you a true disney fan?

Disney is known for being the happiest place on earth and if you know Disney you would definitely agree!Disney holds all new things in each new year. Join the fun!

How much of a Disney fan are you? Take my quiz to find are going to be surprised at how easy or how difficult my questions are! Through it all you can be a HUGE fan!

Created by: Jillian Wallace
  1. There are plenty of Disney villians, name three
  2. What year did the original Snow White come out?
  3. What's another name for Sleeping Beauty?
  4. There are four main theme parks in Disney,what are they?
  5. How many names have Hollywood Studios had?
  6. What is one ride at Magic Kingdom (in adventureland)
  7. What are the two water parks that go with Disney?
  8. How many floors are on the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios?
  9. Who is woody?
  10. Have you ever been to Disneyworld?
  11. What's your favorite ride at Disneyworld?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true disney fan?