are you a true country girl or boy?

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most people try to be a true country boy are girl take the quiz to see if you are a true country girl or boy or just a wanna be wearin camo dont make you country its whats in your blood

one of my favorite quotes are" just because you buy a pair of boots wear camo and go fishing every once in a while dont make you country its in your roots not in your closet"

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  1. Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum??
  2. jason derulo or jason aldean
  3. what are you doing on the weekend
  4. what is your favorite song??
  5. wtf means
  6. omg means
  7. what does bless your heart mean
  8. whats one of jasons most popular songs
  9. during my freetime im...
  10. deer hunting season is ..
  11. deer hunting season is ..

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Quiz topic: Am I a true country girl or boy?