Are you a true bff??

Everyone has friends. But there are few people that are real, strong, true BFFs. This quiz will help you not only to find out of you're a great BFF, but who your true best friends are.

Are you a true BFF?? Do you have the close bond and relationship with a friend that almost everyone craves??? Your answer is only a few minutes away with this awesome quiz.

Created by: clara

  1. Let's start with the basics- what is your best friend's favorite color??
  2. What is your best friend's favorite hobby?
  3. If you chose sports, what kind of sport?
  4. What's your best friend's favorite food? (by the way, I know I couldn't list all of them, so it won't affect your answer if you choose "other".)
  5. What kinds of things do you get your best friend for his/her birthday?
  6. How many times have you two got into a fight??
  7. Do you share everything??
  8. Say you and your friend are trying out for some team/show. You get in and she/he does not. What do you do??
  9. Now say your friend got in and you didn't. He/she comes over and tells you that he/she is sorry and would have let you in if he/she was choosing. You say...
  10. You asked for a specific thing for your birthday, but your friend got you something else even though he/she said that they would get you that thing. You...
  11. How often do you see each other??
  12. This is the last question.

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Quiz topic: Am I a true bff??