are you a traditional indian

there are many Indians in the world. But some don't realise the value of it. While some others are traditional Indians and the right persons that India wants.

So which category do you fall under? want to know? Take this wonderful quiz to know whether you are a traditional Indian or not this quiz is actually only for girls under any age group

Created by: holly

  1. do you wear a bindhi everyday?
  2. what would you wear to a marriage?
  3. do you like visiting foreign countries?
  4. how often do you visit your relatives?
  5. did you like this quiz?
  6. why did you take this quiz
  7. what do you speak at home
  8. how close are you to your aunt
  9. how do you greet strangers
  10. finally, are you really an Indian

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Quiz topic: Am I a traditional indian