Are you a total drama hero or villain?

This is the are you a total drama hero or villain quiz. You will answer some questions.. They will determine if your a Never of the villainous vultures or heroic hamsters

Please answer truthfully about what your gonna do in the game. This quiz is made for fun. I Might be 100% wrong but it doesn't matter. By the way every question counts.

Created by: Allking kitty
  1. Who's the best out of these characters
  2. If you found the invincibility statue would you...
  3. What will you do with the million
  4. In the game your known for...
  5. When are you eliminated
  6. You can describe yourself as...
  7. Will you do my other quizzes?
  8. Srry about not showing answers yet.
  9. Do you like cats?
  10. If you got voted off what would you say?
  11. How would you go home?
  12. If your rival got eliminated you would say...

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Quiz topic: Am I a total drama hero or villain?