Are you a thief?!

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Some people think, "man, I just stole a sucker from the drug store!! I'm on my way to Crazy Town!!" And others, "holy crap, I just robbed the bank! Yes!!!

Well, crazy isn't always bad, we need bad people to complete this world!! Also, take this to find out if you're truly as bad as Harley Quinn or Joker!

Created by: I'm Krazy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever stole?
  2. If you have stole, what was it?
  3. If you've stole money, how much?
  4. Do you like to steal?
  5. Do you like to hurt people?
  6. Would you kill?
  7. What's the biggest thing you've stolen?
  8. Do you think your a criminal?
  9. Do you have enemies!
  10. Do you ever make Top Secret Plans/Files on stealing or hurting?

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Quiz topic: Am I a thief?!