Are you a "STRANGER"?

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This is a stranger thing's quiz so answer with you heart...It's not a school exam ....Just let the memories carry you back to when you were watching Stranger things.

Eleven, Mike and the others .😙....This is just a short quiz on behalf of my undying love for stranger things...So come on and pour your love out too...Strangers forever!

Created by: bellagirl
  1. Who is eleven
  2. What's the name of the boys playing a game one night?
  3. What game did they play
  4. Who went missing?
  5. Who is Steve
  6. What season did Max appear
  7. Who is Mike's girl
  8. Who became Elevens parent
  9. What did The kids fight against in s3
  10. Are you anticipated to see S4?
  11. Who is the russian
  12. "____do you copy?"
  13. "I don't want to lose her again cause I love her!"Who made this statement!?

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Quiz topic: Am I a "STRANGER"?