Are You a Stereotype Freak?

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There are many stereotype quizzes. But this is a quiz about if you are too focused on what stereotype you and other people are. I'm not trying to belittle anyone, I just wanted to make a quiz and this is what came up. READ THE PARTING WORDS AT THE END!

So, have you ever wondered if you are too focused on stereotypes? Do you care too much about the crowd you or someone else is hanging out with, to want to be friends? Find out here! READ THE PARTING WORDS AT THE END!

Created by: tomboykaitie

  1. You walk into a room, and there is a person sitting on the edge of a bed who is wearing socks with sandals, tan shorts, a video game T-shirt and overly big glasses, and he is playing video games. What do you think?
  2. An emo girl walks past you. What do you think?
  3. What do you think about preppy, trend-setters?
  4. What stereotype are you?
  5. Who are you most-likely to hang out with?
  6. Do you hang out with "your own crowd"? Your own crowd is a crowd of people who look and act the same as you?
  7. Have you ever bullied someone because they weren't the same as you?
  8. A person who has a different sexuality view than you (let's say you are straight, and they are homosexual or it could be the other way around) wants to hang out with you. What do you want to do?
  9. Are there some people you hate? (For example: Let's say you are a hunter who hates vegetarians or the other way around?)
  10. Do you think you are a stereotype freak?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Stereotype Freak?