Are you a song lyric guru?

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Songs. We listen to them when we are happy. We listen to them when we are sad. We listen to them wheen we are excited. They speak for us when we have something to say.

Do you know song lyrics? On thhis quiz, there are many popular songs. Do you listen to those songs? You can find out in just a few minutes in this quiz!

Created by: lilly1996
  1. Okay. For now on, fill in the lyrics. On this one and the last one, pick the first answer.
  2. 'Cuz baby you're a firework, c'mon
  3. Her eyes, her eyes,
  4. I throw my hands up in the air sometimes,
  5. Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
  6. tonight we're going hard, hard, ha,ha,ha,hard
  7. I miss you're tan skin, you're sweet smile,
  8. make a scene, make a scene,
  9. can we pretend that airplanes
  10. Please rate and comment! (Pick the first one)
  11. Please rate and comment! (Pick the first one)

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Quiz topic: Am I a song lyric guru?