Are you a soccer fan

There are people out there that are true fans are you one of them, are you one of the fans that watch and play through wind and rain. A true soccer fan knows every aspect of the game do u? Huh do you? Do you?

Are you a true soccer fan? Do u have the passion or will you hide away when your time comes.Lets find out what your made of. In a few minutes you will find out if you are a true Fan.

Created by: Tim

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  1. Who scored a goal in the world cup using the infamous fist of GOd
  2. Where was the world cup held in 2002
  3. Who does David Beckham now play for
  4. Who is rated the best player in the world
  5. Who won the world cup
  6. Where in New Castle stadium is the scoreboard
  7. Who does Ronaldiho play for
  8. How may people are on the field in a pro game
  9. True or false Is Wayne Rooney right footed or left
  10. What is a Hat trick

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Quiz topic: Am I a soccer fan