Are you a smart 4th grader? (FOR 4TH GRADERS ONLY)

(4TH GRADERS ONLY) Hello! This is Spinny, and this is my first quiz! This a quiz to see if you're a smart 4th grader. Get ready for this test, my friend!

There are not so much smarties out there, and there are not a lot of rather unsmart ones, either. So, are you an intelligent one? Are you going to score good or bad? Good luck!

Created by: Spinny

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  1. Hello! This is a dumb question, but: Are you a 4th grader? I just need to make sure. :)
  2. Now, did you almost get all A's on your report card?
  3. Okay, time for some math. (This is pretty easy) What's 12 times 12?!
  4. (last one.) 7 times 8
  5. So, (be honest) do you play rather rough at recess?
  6. Do you care how you look? (Like, if you're doing jumping jacks or something you just keep straightening your hair? :p)
  7. Do you wish you could turn smarter? Or do you think you can learn and try hard to GET smarter? Or do you like how smart you are?
  8. Out of these, be honest, what do you enjoy most?
  9. What are you probably going to do after this?
  10. Pick one! This doesn't count, by the way.

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Quiz topic: Am I a smart 4th grader? (FOR 4TH GRADERS ONLY)