Are you a shopaholic?

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Hi guys! Do you already know you are a shopaholic? If you don't this is the quiz for you. It's just the definite thing you need to procure for you to accept that you are a shopaholic.

You are going to love your result I know it. It's a fun quiz mostly that tells you from me a little about yourself. Like if your a shopaholic! I am totally a shopaholic so if thats what you get we're besties! Get started please!

Created by: GinnyWeasley12

  1. are you a shopohalic?
  2. What is your most shopped for item?
  3. Have you ever spent too much money in a store?
  4. Do you have your drivers licsence?
  5. How many times have you gotten lost in a store?
  6. Do you constantly look for reasons to go to the store?
  7. Do you drive by the store just so you can get a few things on your way home from school or work?
  8. Do you volunteer to go shopping?
  9. Do you have a big family to provide for?
  10. Do you enjoy shopping? For anything?
  11. Love you all and I hope you thought this quiz was as enticing as I did. LOL!🆕🆒🆓!

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Quiz topic: Am I a shopaholic?