are you a shadow lover?

many girls think they are shadow lovers take this quiz to find out if you are one of those ture fangirls of shadow the hedgehog or jest a hater of this hedgehog find out now right here!

are YOU a shadow fangirl zombie, a fangirl or on this test an ok, or jest a hater of him? find out right here! may take about 5 mins. ^^ i'm nice :) yayz now take it! o_o lol jk

Created by: shadowluver of none..
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  1. if shadow asked you on a date what would you say and do?
  2. shadow takes you to the beach. sonic is there and thinks your hot and flirts with you.shadow sees and they start to fight.what do you do?
  3. its midnight and shadow takes you to a park to see stars and stuff do you go
  4. shadow takes you to your house how do you thank him
  5. 10 weeks pass and you start to think sonic is your type. do you go on with shadow
  6. sonic starts to flirt more with you and you feel more feelings for him do you give up on shadow
  7. shadow sees you doing more things with sonic.what are you doing
  8. you think this is a good quiz
  9. few weeks pass and silver comes around and thinks your cute (alot of boys like you lol) he buys you gifts and stuff. do you go on with shadow
  10. mah,boi!

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Quiz topic: Am I a shadow lover?