Are you a serious Re-enactor or just a farb?

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There are many, many Re-enactors, are you one of the best? are you fully committed to your group? are you a promenader? do you just go along for the laugh or have you made life long friends in this hobby?

Are you the A1 re-enactor? Or just our favorite farb? Do you have 10 different impressions or just a stripy shirt, some onions and a dog wearing a bandanna?

Created by: crossofirn

  1. Why do you re-enact?
  2. When choosing your weekend out fit do you.............?
  3. Where do you sleep?
  4. Did you learn to dance for the saturday night do?
  5. do you own an ex military truck/tank/bike, do you know someone who does?
  6. When asked by a MOP a silly question, such as "is that campfire real" do you........
  7. When do you arrive at an event?
  8. when you wake up on the sunday do you feel....
  9. how long have you been re-enacting?
  10. Do you know PD?
  11. which is the best event of the year?

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Quiz topic: Am I a serious Re-enactor or just a farb?