Are you a secret number theorist?

Could you possibly be a number theorist? Think you know enough about numbers and their inner workings? Take the quiz and put your knowledge of number theory to the test.

Sick of those EASY fb maths quizzes? I know I am so decided to give you a real test of pure maths. Just answer the 15 multiple choice questions and you will find out how much of a number theorist you are!

Created by: Dan Fretwell

  1. How many primes are there?
  2. Are you aware that every integer can be factorised uniquely into primes?
  3. Is (3495,4660,5825) a Pythagorean triple?
  4. What is Euclid's algorithm good for?
  5. Which of these demonstrates the Twin prime conjecture?
  6. Which of these demonstrates the Goldbach conjecture?
  7. Which of these primes satisfies the Legendre symbol relation (-1/p) = -1?
  8. If d is square free then what is the relationship between the group of solutions of Pell's equation x^2 - dy^2 = 1 and the group of units of the ring of integers of Q(d^(1/2))?
  9. What proportion of primes are 1 mod 6 and 3 mod 7?
  10. Which of these is true about the field Q(a) where a has minimal polynomial x^3 - 2 over Q?
  11. Is "1+2+3+4+... = -1/12" a true statement?
  12. Can a Mersenne prime ever be a sum of two squares?
  13. What is the class number of the field Q(5^(1/2))?
  14. What is so special about the cyclotomic field Q(zeta_23)?
  15. What properties of the Galois group of Q(zeta_17)/Q imply that the 17-gon is constructible?

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Quiz topic: Am I a secret number theorist?