Are you a Saiyan?

This quiz is about to see if you are a saiyan or not. If you don't know what a saiyan is a saiyan is a type of race that is stronger than humans. Most saiyans have this one desire over all, the desire to fight.

Are you a saiyan? Could you actually be one of the last remaining saiyans since our planet blew up? Maybe you were sent to earth as a baby to kill all of the inhabitants, who knows?

Created by: Goku

  1. Do you LOVE Challenges
  2. Do you LOVE a challenge?
  3. How much do you eat?
  4. Do you LOVE to Fight?
  5. When you suffered a serious injury do you feel stronger than you were before?
  6. Do you surprise yourself with your abilities, like speed, strength, or stamina?
  7. Do you believe in Ki (Spiritual Energy)
  8. Do you do Ki training?
  9. Do you want to be the best fighter ever
  10. Do you have dark hair (black,dark brown)
  11. Is your hair thick?
  12. When you lose a fight is it in your mind till you beat the person who beat you?
  13. Do you train a lot?
  14. Does your hair go high
  15. Do you practice Martial arts
  16. Do you get angry easily

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Quiz topic: Am I a Saiyan?