are you a real vampire? best quiz.

there are many people that want to be, but who are real and who are fake? are you? are you really a real vampire!?like me? good luck and have fun with this quiz.

even thought many say they are, are they... test them, make them take this quiz, let them know about this quiz...let everyone have fun! take it, i guaranty it.

Created by: christian
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do people tell you you look young for your age?
  2. what do you think you are?
  3. what is your favorite color? if none of this is your favorite, put other and look in next result.
  4. color?
  5. how do you feel about the outside? like sound, looks...
  6. problems?
  7. how good is your eyesight?
  8. do you have fangs or sharp teeth? fangs and sharp teeth are really the same or a bit larger.
  9. do people tell you you are ugly?
  10. have pets?
  11. how many?
  12. other?
  13. :O
  14. bored? sorry, i want the quiz to be perfect.
  15. are you smart?
  16. good or evil?
  17. blood?
  18. superpowers?
  19. did you like the quiz?
  20. did you lie in any question?
  21. are you nocturnal?
  22. the sun?
  23. what time are you most active?
  24. echolocation means...
  25. how long do you live?
  26. do you get old?
  27. what are you most attracted to?
  28. why did you take this quiz?
  29. would you last in a relationship with a vampire? answer the next questions to see if yes or no.
  30. what is your blood type?
  31. are you cute/hot?
  32. result...
  33. answer 2...
  34. final result...
  35. so according to the test, could you date a vampire? if you picked randomly, the results will not count.
  36. having fun?
  37. how many friends do you have?
  38. what is your favorite animal?
  39. animal?
  40. how fast can you run?
  41. how many quizzes have you made?
  42. do you like technology?
  43. do you have a good memory?
  44. what is your favorite kind of food?
  45. do you like nature?
  46. where would you live?
  47. where would you never live?
  48. last question...could you date a human?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real vampire? best quiz.